From Idea to design, we make a custom lighting design that is fully viewable in 3D before the event. We create a lightshow that is fully custom to your needs using the latest in lighting technology. Everything from mainstage to convention floor and accent lighting can be visualized so you can make sure your event looks like you want it to.


Having good sound quality at your event is important, a good sounding audio set is not only fun to listen to, but it's also better for your hearing to have a nice  balanced sound. To achieve this goal we only use high end audio equipment to make that a reality, this together with measurements and calculations of the room and setup we ensure you will have a great room coverage even before the event takes place.


Not only lighting but also all visuals can be viewed in 3D Before the event takes place. Whatever your visual needs are, we can provide everything form HD screens to 4K LEDWalls that cover the entire ceiling. We can also provide custom visuals your your event. Other than that we have a wide range of visuals, camera and input solutions so you can be sure you will get what you need.


To tie your event together VACON Design is in contact with a wide range of artists and can arrange everything from DJ to Live band and Live electronic producers so your event is completely covered. Everything from Jazz to Techno. You can also be sure the audio equipment is perfectly compatible with the artist playing.