What is VACON Design?

VACON Design is a Belgian production company made by Andreas Prenen.

It mainly focusses on the design and implementation of audiovisual installations for Furry, Cosplay and Game conventions worldwide.

Specialized in the previsualisation of lighting, video, pyro and audio calculations VACON Design can bring your event to life far before the event even started.

Besides that VACON Design does a lot of timecoded light shows, these can go from a simple lightshow to a show that includes video and pyro elements to go to a complete pyromusical.

Why VACON Design?

VACON Design is a total solution for your audiovisual needs, we do everything from design in 3D to the implementation of the audiovisual installation on location. If you don't want the stress of managing a number of companies and artists while hoping everything goes and looks as planned, VACON Design can take all that stress away and can show you exactly what everything will look like before the event is taking place.